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EasyReadTools Product Evaluation Process

The evaluation program has ended and I am not looking for new evaluators. Results are still being collected from evaluators, and this will drive the decision of how I proceed with this product.

If you have a burning desire to own one of these systems, I still have enough electronics and calipers etc. to assemble about 20 more evaluator units, so I might be able to accommodate you.

You can email me at: philip@EasyReadTools.com

EasyReadTools is conducting market research to evaluate a new machinist's caliper that I believe has features that will make your job easier. To support this research, you have been invited to be a product evaluator.

Here's what you get:

You will receive a pre-production version of the product that includes a high quality 6" digital caliper with a customized wireless transmitter, a carrying case for the caliper, and a wireless receiver with an easy-to-read digital display that is matched to the caliper. At the end of the evaluation process you get to keep the product, at no cost to you.

The Evaluation process:

EasyReadTools would like you to use the product in your normal work environment, taking note of what you either like or dislike about it. How often it makes a measurement easier? How often do co-workers want to borrow it? Did you find novel ways to use it? Maybe keep some note paper in the carrying case and as ideas/issues come up, just make a short entry on the note paper.

After you have evaluated the product:

After about 2 months, Philip (inventor/designer of the product) will interview you about your experience. It will probably take from 1 to 2 hours. If you are geographically close to EasyReadTools (Sunnyvale CA), I will come to your site. For other evaluators, the interview could be by Skype or phone. The interview will be at a time that is convenient for you.

During the interview we will be discussing your experience with the product. Topics will include:

  • How useful is it?
  • Any problems?
  • Did it meet expectations?
  • How do you think it should be marketed and sold?
  • Pricing
  • Features that need to be added or removed or changed?
  • Features for follow-on products?
  • Where you would expect to see an advertisement for such a product?
  • What suppliers you think would be a good fit for such a product?
  • Are there other tools that could benefit from the same or similar technology?

I am sure that after you have used the product you will have some topics you would like to cover too. The more feedback I get, the better.


As this is a new product, it is possible that there might be some surprises (bugs?). Please email or phone me with any issues, concerns, or questions. If you think there is something that I should know about your evaluation experience before the “official” interview, then please email or phone me. This also applies for after the interview.

Who can you tell about the product:

The product is not yet available for sale and won't be until after the results of all the evaluation interviews are completed and I decide how to move forward. Until the product is publicly announced, I would prefer to keep a low profile. Showing and sharing the product with others in your company is fine (and encouraged), and please gather their opinions about it for the interview discussion. If you do show it to other people, please pass on my request to keep the info within your company. Since all evaluators have not yet been selected, if you know of a machinist at another company that you think could contribute to the product evaluation phase, please let me know their name and contact information, and I will contact them. Please do not discuss the product with retail or catalog or online suppliers such as Enco, McMaster, MSC, Travers, etc. Please do not discuss or show the product to other caliper suppliers, or their sales representatives. Please do not discuss the product in an open forum such as internet news groups (rec.crafts.metalworking and alt.machines.cnc), www.cnczone.com, www.practicalmachinist.com, facebook, etc.


There is no requirement or request for you to provide testimonials for the product. If you want to, that would be great and let's discuss it. Some of the evaluators are machinists that are also authors for trade magazines. There is no expectation that you will mention the product in your articles. At a later date when I want to publicize my product I may ask for your advice, but again, no obligation.

Web Site:

It should come as no surprise that there is a web site at www.easyreadtools.com . At the web site there are copies of this document, an instructions document, and a few others. There is a forums section, where evaluators can share their experience, and maybe discuss ideas for improvements, new features, or ideas for products that can leverage EasyReadTools' expertise in low power wireless and interest in helping machinists. At a minimum, please register at the forum so I know you found the web site. There is also a gallery section where I hope to place pictures of people using the product. If you would like to submit a picture for the gallery, please email it to me with a description, and whether you want the gallery caption to include your name and/or company, or for it to be anonymous.

If you are going to be an evaluator:

The following information is need from Evaluators:

Evaluator's Name

Evaluator's Email

Evaluator's Phone

Evaluator's Company

Evaluator's Address

You can either send an email with this information, or alternatively, download and print this document

PDF EasyReadTools Evaluator Information

Then fill it in, scan it, and send the scan file (hopefully as a PDF) to email

Thank you again for being an evaluator,

Philip Freidin



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